Why Support NW Fruit?

Cherry Harvest

Cherry Harvest

Some people say that NW Fruit (WWFRF) is “the best little all volunteer, non-profit organization few folks have ever heard of!”

Some of the many undertakings of NW Fruit include:

  • Educational seminars, symposiums, and events affiliated with Washington State University presenting “cutting edge” information on disease control issues like the recent Spotted Wing Fruit Fly infestation.
  • Research on what’s best to grow locally and how to grow it, combined with the results of 45 years of fruit research history, results in a program envied throughout the country for its extensive varietal selection process.
  • A unique 6-acre Fruit Garden in which members and the public have a chance to experience the latest fruit culture techniques with “hands on” demonstrations, and the opportunity to see the extensive fruit variety collections gathered from around the world.

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