Fruit Garden Tour

Graphic of sign in garden web

The signs are in place!

The Fruit Garden is open again after being closed for over a year due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Our Fruit Garden Tour, which begins at the kiosk at the east side of the center oval, has 40 points of interest, each having a sign with a QR code and URL which links to further information.

If you are not able to come in person, you can access our Fruit Garden Tour from the comfort of your home computer by clicking on the links below.

Home Fruit Garden Tour

1) Main Map: Start Tour
2) Columnar apples
3) Pear Espalier
4) Grapes
5) Blue Honeysuckle: Honeyberry
6) Gravenstein Collection
7) Bosc Pear Tatura Trellis
8) Cherry Tatura Trellis
9) Plums
10) English Walnut
11) Peach-leaf-curl Resistant Trial
12) Tart Cherry
13) Sea Buckthorn
14) Nursery: Stooling rootstock
15) Top grafted Keeper Pears
16) Kiwi Trellis
17) Rootstocks: M27/Bud9/M26
18) Currants
19) Aronia
20) Gooseberry
21) Cherry Espalier
22) Japanese Plum Espalier
23) Black Currants
24) Blue Honeysuckle:Haskaps
25) Quince
26) Asian Pears
27) Mulberry
28) Shipova
29) Medlar
30) UFO Cherry Trellis
31) Fig
32) Chestnut
33) Blueberries
34) Cornelian Cherry
35) Asian Persimmons
36) Welcome Espalier
37) Belgian Fence Espalier
38) Vertical Cordon Espalier
39) Slender Spindle
40) Antique Apple Collection