Home Fruit Garden Tour – Quince

Quince is easy to grow with few pests. It does need some light pruning.

Fuzzy new growth quince sm

The new growth on quince is fuzzy and silvery.

Quince makes a great addition to apple pies.  Just grate with the skin on to add to pies. They also can be juiced along with apples for a delicious mix. The fruit can be displayed in a bowl to lend a wonderful perfume to the atmosphere of a room.

Quince in bloom sm

The quince bloom in late April.

Quince flowers sm

Quince flowers open pink and fade to white

The quince in the Fruit Garden is Aromatnaya, which means aromatic in Russian. This variety was brought to the U.S. from Uzbekinstan.

Quince buds sm

Quince buds in early April.